About us

This factory has several products in different shapes and power such as LED bulbs, LED spot lights and commercial LED lights and outdoor lights with different types of fixtures.

Products and Services

In order to expand its activities and in 1992, after a successful experience in the field of trade and import of various high-tech electronic components, Ecowat started to launch the production line of lamps and various lights with LED technology under the name of Ecowat brand.

This production unit has various products such as LED lamps in different powers and shapes and LED lightings with commercial application along with various frames in different models and designs. All Ecowat products are designed in Iran by local experts and engineers with the best parts used in production.

Plus our products, we also have designed custom lightings that save money on replacing old bulbs.

Better light, better life

We hope we could reach to these goals in the future:

  1. Sufficiency in producing LED lamp and luminaries
  2. Help people to use high quality and standard LED lamps.
  3. Avoid wasting national wealth and savings energy and reduce the lighting cost for each family
  4. Localization the technology for LED lamps and all its components and Create the basis for the development of new technologies with the help of the best professionals and graduates of top universities.
  5. Plus our products, we also have designed custom lightings that save money on replacing old bulbs.

Our Vision

To make a better living. While trying to open a new view in the field of lighting, “ECOWAT” wants to make a better living by providing high quality and attractive products and services.

Our Mission

Up-to dated Tech. With our careful planning and our professional companionship and using the latest technology in LED lighting production we want to immix the quality and the beauty.

Our Values

We believe in this Values

  • Competency: quality and innovation
  • Ethics: Commitment, Trust and Transparency
  • Environment: reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency